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About Us

Our goal is to create entertaining diversions that are fun for your brain.

Braincog is run by husband-and-wife game designers William Jacobson and Amanda Kohout.  William and Amanda are both engineers and love creating and playing games! We designed our first game, Portrayal, as college students and handled manufacturing and distribution on our own way back in 2005 (before crowdfunding was a thing). We later partnered with Asmodee to publish the game as Identik, Duplik, and Meisterwerke in a number of countries across Europe and Asia.  Duplik is still in print today!

We are now excited to be actively working on several new projects, including the family game Doodles Rules and a one-of-a-kind series of puzzle books.  The first of our books is titled Wordish Alchemy and is filled with unique “transmutation word search” puzzles.

Our goal is to develop puzzles and games that incorporate logic, math, and principles of engineering with art and humor. 


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