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In the sample round of Portrayal depicted above, the Portrayer selects a Scene Card (this one is titled "Eye Scream Cone"). The Portrayer places the card in the Concealment Folder so only he/she can see the image, and no one can read the ten criteria on the card. The Portrayer rolls the die, and criteria number four will be worth extra points!

Images range from utterly bizarre to hilarious; including cartoons, artistic illustrations, and abstract conglomerations.

The Portrayer takes 90 seconds to describe the scene. It's amazing what will come out of your mouth as you try to explain the crazy images on the different Scene Cards.

There’s no time to be tongue-tied. You’ll be talking a fine line between attention to detail and speedy speaking.

The other players are all Artists during this round. They each try to draw what the Portrayer is describing. Didn't quite catch what the Portrayer just said? Too bad, no asking questions!

You don’t have to be DaVinci to do well at Portrayal! It’s what you draw that’s important, not how well you draw it.

After the 90 seconds are up, the Artists all exchange drawings and the Portrayer begins to read the criteria one by one. The Artists must now judge each other's drawings. Does the drawing meet the criteria? Quite a few hilarious debates can erupt as all the judges argue whether points should be awarded or not. After all the criteria have been read and all judging is over, points are awarded to the Artists as well as the Portrayer.

At the end of each round, be sure to take a peek at all of the Artists’ drawings. The resulting “art show” will generate quite a few laughs!

Next round! New Portrayer, New Image, New Surprises!


Board Games with Scott has produced an independent video review and demonstration of Portrayal. It's informative and funny (and we're not biased a bit!)